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2nd April


It's the first week of April and we have an early Easter weekend! It's the start of a long weekend and hence the late newsletter today. I really needed a 4 day weekend to refresh and re-energise. We plan to go back to making recycled planters out of pallets, steam one of the puddings we make for Christmas (We made two- one for Christmas and one for Easter), visit the garden centre, enjoy our easter eggs and spend a lot of time relaxing. How do you plan to spend your long weekend?

Quote for the week: "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery"- Mark Van Doren

I cant say enough how amazing I feel to be in this profession. Not to say that I dont have tough and frustrating days, but, occasionally a student does something or says something that makes it all worth it.

Book I'm currently reading: Start with WHY by Simon Sinek

In this book, Simon talks about the Golden Circle of What, How and Why. Every leader and company knows the WHAT. They can describe their products, their industry, and their competitors. Some companies also know HOW they do WHAT they do — their unique differentiators, their value proposition, and their values. But few companies know or articulate their WHY — their purpose, their cause or their belief. The WHY is their reason for being. And the WHY is why anyone should care. Simon advocates that we should invert the order. Go from the inside-out in the Golden Circle. Start with WHY, discuss the HOW, and end with WHAT.

Though this is with respect to organisational leadership, I can see how this plays into teaching. There are stark differences between teachers who teach and teachers who inspire their students to learn. Irrespective of the size of the class or the importance of the session, I always aspire to be the latter.

Video Recommendation: Teaching Methods for Inspiring the Students of the Future by Joe Ruhl. I watched this talk very early on in my PhD and it stuck. I often watch this often as a reminder of how the way I teach can affect how students learn and get inspired to do great work. Like many skills, I believe the techniques Joe talks about go beyond classroom teaching. Click here to watch.

Healthcare News: The AstraZeneca Vaccine is now the headline. There is talk about risks of blood clots from the vaccine and people are hesistant to take it up. Here is an article published by the European Medicines Agency on the topic. Click here to read. Sometimes we can get myopic in our view and blow things out of proportion. Yes, there is risk of blood clots and unfortunately people have died. But, did you know that the birth control pill taken by millions of women across the world has a much higher risk of death due to blood clots? Have you really looked into the risks of taking antibiotics or ibuprofen? Do you think twice before taking chemotherapy for cancer? Take a moment to think why is this different? In medicine, the decisions are always based whether benefits outweigh risks.

I was supposed to release a new podcast video today. It is delayed due to the Easter break. I will have one for you next week!

That's all for today. Hope you have an energising and restful weekend! See you next Friday!


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