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Thank you for visiting my website. I'm guessing you are here because you are considering me as your coach. That's so exciting!! 

Check out the page on coaching for more details, and book a free call today. Trust me and make the first step today!

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My Story

I am a coach, educator, researcher and entrepreneur. I am passionate about guiding individuals towards their goals. My work is driven by impact and it is reflected in the roles I fulfil.

My approach to coaching is guided by the coachee itself as no two people are alike. Some coachees are kinesthetic and like activities, some think out loud and get the most when the coach is a sounding board. The start of the coaching journey is very important to me as I take time to establish the coachess needs and preferences,  and build rapport. It is important for the coachee to be comfortable in my presence to be able to open up and talk about challenges. I aim to create a safe space for the coachee to explore themselves, their challenges, and their strengths. I facilitate their journey while pushing them towards the end of their comfort zone in an empathetic and unrushed manner. Compassion and passion drive me to enable individuals towards their dreams and goals. 

My work adheres to ethical, legal and professional guidelines and I subscribe to the Association of Coaching's Code of Ethics.

I have 8 years of work experience in the healthcare industry. My work is predominantly focused on the intersection of healthcare and business. As a lecturer, I teach healthcare leadership, international strategy and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, I have developed a maternity health startup in India. As a researcher, I look into the growing arm of telemedicine and its impacts on patients care. As a birth worker, I support parents in their journey from pregnancy to parenting. The common thread across my chosen line of work is guiding people towards achieving their chosen goals and maximising their potential. I came across coaching in 2021 and have not looked back since.

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