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Mother Baby Bonding

Through my professional and entrepreneurial career, I have supported mothers from various walks of life. One of the many hats I wear is of a breastfeeding educator. Some moms choose to breastfeed, some don't. I support them without any judgement. What I soon realised was lacking is that working mothers who want to breastfeed do not have dedicated resources. That's why I came up with a plan to write one. 


I want to hear your experiences. You could be a breastfeeding mother, someone who is pregnant and trying to navigate this, a breastfeeding educator, a doula, an HR professional, a manager/leader who wants to change organisational culture, or just someone who is passionate about this cause. Please fill up the form below and let's work together. 

Thank you for sharing your experiences. 
Please fill up this form

Thanks for sharing your experience. I will get back to you soon.

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