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Change your life by asking "WHY?"

When does the "more" end?

Does it ever?

Who defines the more?

Who defines what the goal post is?

Whose standards are you living by?

Next times you hear such statements, please ask why. Until we start questioning the motives, the standards, the goal post, we will be living our life on someone else's terms.

I always thought I needed to do more. The hours were never enough. The hustle was never ending. The feeling of inadequacy was rampant. It was never good enough. AND I believed that that's how work was meant to be, that's how life in general was meant to be.

The last 6 years have been transformative for me and I have never been more content in life and work as I am now. It's not been a linear journey. I have had setbacks, have gone back into old habits and routines, but that's the process of healing and change.

One big change I made was to always ask "WHY".

I want you to start asking "WHY".

If someone doesn't give you an answer, well, that's a red flag!

If you dont like the answer, ask yourself why you dont like the answer.

If you like the answer, go ahead and do it.

It's about taking back control.

Try this out and let me know in the comments!

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