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Why did I change from The Mums Coach back to AnjaliRajW?

The keen eyed followers amongst you have already noticed that I have changed my instagram handle back to AnjaliRajW.

Here I want to tell you why...

But before anything else let me clearly say that this does not mean I am moving away from working with mums. The podcast, the book, all that is still going ahead!

Back to topic now...

As you know that we are in the process of relocating. I took a break from my socials as I didnt have the time or energy for it. What it also provided me with was 3 months of reflection on how I want to take this forward.

The honest result of my reflection is that I am a complex person, and I'm absolutely happy with that. Let me try and break that down for you.

I like to (and enjoy) doing a lot of different things.

I like to (and enjoy) working with a lot of different people.

When I niched myself as TheMumsCoach, I did that because I thought that was where I could bring my strengths together and be most impactful.

Boy was I wrong about that!

I did work with some mums and I made a difference but I also supported someone identify their passion and become an entrepreneur, supported someone in moving forward from a difficult position and take control of their career, supported someone in getting a job they really needed, worked with startups, and more.

When I can do all of this, why should I niche? Why constrain myself?

End result... I am back as AnjaliRajW.

This is me, multi-faceted, authentic and slightly crazy!

I am here to support you, no matter who you are, and where you are.

If that vibes with you, let's stay in touch, on socials or you can get in touch with me at

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