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Coaching for Mums Returning to Work 

Are you currently pregnant or just had a baby? My 6-session "Return to Work" coaching is exclusively designed for you to feel confident and comfortable when you step back into the workplace. 

Mother Working from Home

Returning to Work can be a period of anxiety, uncertainty, and worry. As a coach, I will work with you on some key elements that influence your return to work experience. By actively managing and planning for challenges, you will be confident and resilient when you step back into the workplace.

Watch the video below to know more about how "Return to Work" Coaching with me works

If you are looking to set yourself up to be a confident and resilient working mum, you are at the right place. Using my 6 session method (explained in the video above), I will work with you on a 121 basis on 3 areas: you, your relationships, and your goals, to enable you to thrive as a working mother.


The 6 session package will be spread over 9 months ( if you are currently pregnant), or over 6 months and is priced at £520. To discuss if this process is right for you, book a discovery call with me today. 

WFH Setup

Book your call

In the discovery call, I will take you through my 6 session framework and how we can work together. After the call, I will send you a registration form and invoice for the payment. 

Click here to book.

Video Consultation

6 one to one sessions (online or in-person)

In the 6 sessions we have together, we will work through 3 key areas mentioned in the video that lead to a successful return to work journey. 

Online Meeting

Confidence and Resilience

Return to work as a confident and resilient individual, ready to achieve your goals and dream big!

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