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Book Review: Women Who Work Too Much by Tamu Thomas

When I was offered a chance to review this book, I wasn't sure what to expect. I've been a fan of Hay House and had recently started following Tamu so I jumped into it with an optimistic lens.

Less than 15 pages in and I sent a personal message to Tamu saying that I could see myself in the stories she was narrating. South Asian cultures are similar in many ways to other Non-Caucasian cultures in the drive towards toxic productivity.

This book does many things. You will find solace in knowing that your troubles are not alone if, like me, you were raised in a broader culture that promotes unhealthy levels of productivity and hustling. A soul sister seemed to be telling me my unwritten story.

When you're ready to break away from toxic productivity, Tamu has some easy steps and things you can do to help. The cherry on top is that she shows you how to deal with oneself, which can be the largest obstacle. As a coach, I can tell you with certainity that knowing one's own limits, requirements, and boundaries is crucial to development. Unlike many self-help books, Tamu doesn't come across as preachy while discussing these topics.

I should preface this by saying that the book can become heavy at points if you are unfamiliar with the concepts of nervous system control and the physical manifestations of our emotional battles. No big deal. Go at a leisurely pace. Take your time, relax, and immerse yourself in the book; it will be worthwhile.

Post a review of the book below once you've finished reading it!

Sending love, confidence and strength your way


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