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Societal change takes time.
Let's start today


"We build our legacy piece by piece, and maybe the whole world will remember you or maybe just a couple of people, but you do what you can to make sure you're still around after you're gone."- David Lowery

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Working with youth

I'm working on a project with Red Everywhere in Doncaster to train youth on enterprise skills.

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Smiling Baby

Book Project

Breastfeeding at work is challenging for mothers across the world. Join me in this project today. Let's change how working mothers experience breastfeeding.

"For a mother to enjoy her motherhood, including safe motherhood, she requires the support of her partner, her family, her peers, her workplace, her community and her health service system"

1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage.

The Miscarriage Association supports families through this heartbreaking time. I know because I was the 1 in 4. In December 2022, I went through my first miscarriage.

I have taken up the Step Up for The MA Challenge to help fundraise for the MA. I aim to complete 250,000 steps throughout January, the same number of steps as the number of pregnancies that are estimated to end in miscarriage in the UK each year.

The M.A. has been – and continues to be – there to help people through. Please donate to support them in continuing their work.


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Researching entrepreneurship, healthcare management, strategy or anything maternity related?Interested in collaborations? Drop me a message.


Are you an organisation looking for a speaker for an event? 

I am available to speak at conferences, company events and university events.


Want to make your workplace the best place for women?

Looking for a workshop series on enterprise skills?



Volunteering and Mentoring




Guest Sessions



She is an exceptional tutor. you cannot but want to listen to her teaching.

Ms Aghogho Adetunji, MBA Healthcare Management

Anjali Ma'am it was inspiring to work with, and has a exceptional experience and expertise in leadership and management. You're wonderful personal and the best part is you connected with most of me... Really looking forward to work with you in future

Mr Krishna Patel, Venture Creation Lab, MBA

I have met lots of tutors, teachers & lecturers in my life but i will say that Anjali is the best. She has transformed my way of thinking about business & helped me know more about self development. Anjali expertly combines teaching & coaching with ease by giving out challenging yet exciting personal & team projects to help me & my colleagues maximise our learning potential. Anjali's communication ability is unlike i have seen before & has helped me absorb information seamlessly. She is so attentive to details & always willing to give feedbacks on strong points & where i have to improve. She is patient with her students & always ready to help when difficulties arise. Anjali makes sure that no student under her tutelage leaves the class or session without being satisfied that they just got value. As a leader, individual, life coach, lecturer & entrepreneur Anjali earns my highest recommendation.

Mr Chizom Kingsley Uzoetue, Venture Creation Lab, MBA

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